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Always open for paint and coating industry, buyers, seller, manufacturers, suppliers, consultants, students, employees and employers also... come... share...join...
Description: is an online community in the Paint & Coating Industry where u can share your products & services with others its free and open for all sellers, buyers, consultants, students to all

News related to Paint & Coating Industry, Ups & down in the paint industry. Even registered users of paarthapaint can share their own news with the whole coating & paint industry. So.. come join Share

Looking for raw materials, here you can come. Users can share their requirement & availability of raw material in coating industry like resins, binders, pigments, additive, solvents & much more...

You can see what is happening in the paint & coating Industry through event section. See seminars details, exhibition venue. Promote your own events here. User can add their own events also...

& much more is coming up like consultants can create and offer their services, students can promote their study details free of cost here, employers can place and job offer & much more. So please join